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Charles W. Proctor, III
LEI Faculty Profiles: Nicole Ballenger
Legal Education Institute Director Nicole Ballenger’s enthusiasm fosters a dynamic learning environment.
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Exciting Initiatives Bring Unexpected Opportunities
Charles W. Proctor, III, an experienced attorney specializing in real estate, business practices, estate planning, and estate administration, graduated from the original Delaware Law School in 1976. In the spring of 2006, he returned to Widener Law as an adjunct faculty member to teach at the Legal Education Institute. Of the opportunity to teach, Proctor says, “It was my way of giving back and doing something for the school that had done so much for me over the years. Plus it was at the stage of my career where I was looking for a new challenge.”

“I didn’t realize the full impact that teaching would have on my life,” says Professor Proctor, continuing, “Literally within a few weeks of starting, I found it to be very rewarding.” The opportunity to impart real world experience to students drives him, and he notes, “Because I had practical experience, I found that I could teach more effectively. My classes are filled with hands on experiences as opposed to just reading from the book, which anybody can do.” Those real world experiences and insights are what keep Professor Proctor’s students excited and engaged.

Professor Proctor, who will teach Advanced Real Estate and Real Estate Land Title Search and Examination in the spring of 2008, states, “I’m very excited about Widener Law’s future and some of the initiatives that have been undertaken.” He also adds, “I want to help make us be the best possible law school that we can be. I want to put us on the map.”

Though the opportunity to teach came unexpectedly, Professor Proctor has embraced the new role. He emphasizes that he has been “blessed with classes that are learning,” and asserts, “I want to provide my students with information that they are going to be applying.”