Student Profiles: Kristen Swift
Delaware student Kristen Swift has dedicated herself to learning and understanding the business and corporate law that is so central to Delaware.
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Overcoming Obstacles
GiusiniBrittany300px“The TAP program really made it possible for me to attend law school. It gave me an opportunity to gain admission into Widener Law,” says Delaware student Brittany Giusini, who has seized that opportunity to rise to the top of her class.

A summer program for students who may not meet either the LSAT scores or undergraduate grade point average admissions standards, The Trial Admissions Program, or TAP, provided Brittany a chance to prove that she belonged. She has more than seized that chance. In addition to being at the top of her class, she will serve as the Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious Delaware Journal of Corporate Law for the upcoming Volume 39.

A Philadelphia native and graduate of Temple University, Brittany majored in Political Science. Her father Vincent, who is an attorney in the city of Philadelphia and a 1986 Widener Law graduate, led to her early interest in the law, but a Constitutional Law class at Temple and the professor who mentored her provided the final push she needed to apply.

Before becoming Editor-in-Chief of the next volume, Brittany had her work, Pure Resources “Fair Summary” Standard: Disclosures Away from Obtaining Clarity in the M&A Context, published in Volume 38: Issue 2 of the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law. She will also serve as a Wolcott Fellow for the Honorable Randy J. Holland of the Delaware Supreme Court during the upcoming academic year. She has bee involved with the International Law Society as well, and that led her to write an article on Russian adoption issues that was published in the Jurist.

Brittany is interested in practicing corporate law or in doing governmental work when she graduates. Her interest in law and government dovetails well with her background in political science, but that curiosity has also been driven by her work as a research assistant for Professor Erin Daly.

In discussing the reasons for her success, Brittany praises Widener Law’s faculty, saying, “I’d like to thank all of the Professors who reached out to me. Widener has amazing professors.”

She encourages aspiring law students, “Just keep working hard and commit yourself to being better everyday. Do not get discouraged when there is a roadblock, but take the skills that you have and try to make the best of it. If you keep moving forward, you can achieve anything.”